Dockside Slat

Homecrest Dockside tables feature clean, sleek styling in a tough, all-aluminum construction. Available in dining, occasional and balcony heights, Dockside offers a wide array of square and rectangular table sizes, as well as attractive bench options. This popular collection also features Homecrest Duo-Tone, allowing customers the option to select contrasting finishes for the frame and interior slats at no extra charge.

Note: The standard Homecrest sling dining and swivel rocker chairs do not fit on the ends of the 32” x 62” Dockside rectangular tables.
Dockside Slat
Dockside Slat
Dockside Slat
Dockside Slat
Dockside Slat
Dockside Slat
Dockside Slat

Items in this collection

16" x 50.5" Bench
16" x 59.5" Bench
17" Side Table/Bench
28" End Table
28" x 44" Coffee Table
32" Dining Table
32" Café Table
32" Balcony Table
32" x 62" Dining Table
32" x 62" Café Table
32" x 62" Balcony Table
44" x 62" Dining Table
44" x 62" Café Table
44" x 62" Balcony Table
44" x 70" Dining Table
44" x 70" Café Table
44" x 70" Balcony Table
44" x 87" Dining Table
44" x 87" Café Table
44" x 87" Balcony Table
45" Chat Table
45" Dining Table
45" Café Table
45" Balcony Table