Sandstone Fire Tables

(Natural Series)
Inspired by the Southwestern quarries of the United States, Homecrest’s natural-looking Sandstone fire tables provide a solid foundation for any outdoor gathering. These low-maintenance fire tables are full of beautiful, rough-hewn detail that will endure for years. Our Sandstone textured top and edge are sure to create an ideal atmosphere around the fire. Homecrest fire tables offer a powerful burner, up to 60,000 BTUs, and come standard with your choice of fire jewelry, as well as a secure key, natural gas orifice, and black 3/4" aluminum fire burner riser.
Sandstone Fire Tables
Sandstone Fire Tables
Sandstone Fire Tables

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32" x 52" Coffee Fire Pit
32" x 52" Chat Fire Pit
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36" x 60" Coffee Fire Pit
36" x 60" Chat Fire Pit
42" Coffee Fire Pit
42" Chat Fire Pit
42" Dining Fire Table
42" Balcony Fire Table
54" Coffee Fire Pit
54" Chat Fire Pit
54" Dining Fire Table
54" Balcony Fire Table